Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gary Bettman is a Terrorist

BOULDER, Colorado -- Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports has a great column this week about the sorry state of affairs of the NHL. He is exactly right in placing the entire blame on the narrow shoulders of Gary Bettman. He has run the league into the ground, and the product they put out each night is appreciably worse than it was a decade ago. I especially like his observation about the new uniforms. Just another moronic move from the worst commissioner in North America.

I made myself dry heave earlier when I thought that since he's been at the helm for 14 years, someday, Bettman will likely be considered for the Hall of Fame. Hockey has not had many commissioners (well, he's the first - before him they were called league presidents), and one who's been in charge for so long - and coddled so many equally brain-dead owners - is likely to get the nod in Toronto someday.

So to prevent this, I am officially nominating Alan Eagleson to be reinstated to the Hall of Fame. Better to turn the place into a trash heap than let Bettman get a hold of it.

I still pray every night that the Bruins will someday win the Stanley Cup, but this NHL I cannot abide. That's why I watch bandy.

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